Walmart Canada: Halloween Costumes Up To 80% Off

26 February 2014


Walmart has some really great deals on Halloween costumes right now for kids and adults. You might wonder why you need a Halloween costume 8 months from Halloween and the reason is because it is such a great deal!

Sure, you can wait until October 15th to try and get a costume for Halloween, pay full price and be happy with it. Or you could get 80% off now, put the costume away until fall and be ecstatic about it. Also, so many kids just love dressing up, these costumes (both adult and kid) would be great for dress-up days at home. This morning my son wanted to play dress-up and we have a fairly large dress-up bin. He put a pirate hat on me and called me the pirate ship. This was incredibly amusing to him all morning.

Check out these awesome deals:

As always, shipping is free, no matter what you buy at Walmart.

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