Walmart Canada: Food Saver Premium Vacuum Packaging System Only $130

Walmart Canada: Food Saver Premium Vacuum Packaging System Only $130


Walmart has the Food Saver premium vacuum packaging system on sale for only $129.96, was $159.96. I couldn't find this particular model at any other Canadian online retailer, but Costco and Amazon carry a more deluxe version for quite a bit more money. If you are looking for an affordable vacuum sealer, this is your best bet!

While I would not consider this an amazing gift idea for a woman, I could see it as a great gift idea for a family. There are quite a few items my family could use right now like new pillows, skates and spoons. While these aren't typical gifts, I use the opportunity to put an extra present under the tree and buy something necessary. This could be one of those gifts.

With hands-free operation, you can protect and preserve your food using this packaging system. You simply insert your bag and it does everything else. With an air-tight seal, your food will keep better in the freezer and allow you to marinate without annoying spills. This machine even has a marinating cycle.

There are a number of reviews and most give five stars, but be sure to read the crappier reviews to get a sense of exactly what you need in this type of machine. One reviewer said:

We tried various items: a whole 6.5lb. chicken, beef, scallops, buns, perogies and steaks. After reading the instructions, which were very good, we proceeded to seal items. I was very impressed with the vacuum. It took out about 95% or better of the air.

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