Walmart Canada: Family Size Cereal Only $3.94

Walmart Canada: Family Size Cereal Only $3.94


Walmart has a cool rollback on right now that will save you money on your breakfast (or lunch, dinner or snacks if you go that way). Get the family size box of some select Kelloggs cereals, which are regularly $6.48 for only $3.94 and they'll ship for free too.

Normally, I wouldn't write about a grocery deal, but in this case this one is a good deal. We eat a huge amount of cereal in the house and probably go through three or four boxes a week! With this deal I could save about $10 just for one week. If I wanted to stock up, and I can since there are no shipping costs and cereal lasts for so long before it is opened, I could expand that savings.

We regularly buy four of the brands listed for this sale, although personally, they aren't for me as I like high protein cereals and these are a bit on the not as nutritious as you can get side. My kids and my husband like them though and they are the big-time cereal eaters. For $3.94, you can get the family size of:

My husband and kids love Special K and Rice Krispies the best, although I find them too light to be filling. I do like that they don't have much sugar and while my husband loads the sugar on his, I don't let the kids use any extra sugar. You can also make some great recipes with both cereals and I even know someone who uses Rice Krispies to make the crunch in sushi.

I'm going to think that this deal might sell out online, so you might not want to wait to get your hands on your favourite cereal!

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