Walmart Canada: After Halloween Bargain Prices & Free Shipping

Walmart Canada: After Halloween Bargain Prices & Free Shipping


I know Halloween just happened, but if you plan on celebrating it again next year then head over to the retail giant to stock up on some great Halloween themed items at bargain prices with free shipping. This stuff will sell out QUICK.

In the decorations department, there are still some items to choose from though most have sold out. I found this 50 LED C3 Light Set in orange on sale from $9 down to $2.25. These are great for stringing up on your house or decorating the bushes outside your house. Stow them away in your Halloween box for next year.

This BEWARE sign for your front door is a great little prop you can purchase now and put away until next year. Originally $9, it is also on sale for just $2.25. Alternatively, you can give the sign to your son for his bedroom door until Halloween rolls around again.

For your little princess, you can grab a couple Princess star wand and tiara kits for her for next to nothing. Pick up the silver kit for $1, originally $4. There is no need to save it for next Halloween either, they would make great additions to your child's dress-up box.

Check out these Jumbo Fist Halloween props. Originally $10, they are now on sale for $5. If you paint them both green, then you can use them as hulk fists. If you paint one red, then you can use it as Hellboy's fist.

I love these Blood Drip Light String with Skulls for just $7.25, originally $29. I would love to see what those behind a thin veil of fog could do for a house. I bet it would creep younger kids right out. Speaking of fog, if you have one of those fog machines I blogged about earlier, then load up on Fog Solution for just $4.50, originally $9.

Here are a bunch more deals too:

There are some more expensive inflatable items for your lawn on sale as well. Quantities are really limited and things are seriously selling out as I write this post. I already had to remove one item because it went out of stock when I was half way through writing about it.

Shipping is free as per usual with Walmart Canada.

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