Walmart Canada: 4x6 Prints Just $0.15 Each

Walmart Canada: 4x6 Prints Just $0.15 Each

If you are like me, you took a ton of pictures at Easter time. Walmart Canada has a great deal right now to get those pictures off your camera and print them out.  They have rolled back the price of their prints to just $0.15 each.

This deal includes all 4x6 border and non border prints.  You can still have the luxury of getting them printed off in an hour and save while doing it.  Normally, the prints are $0.25 each but right now they are just $0.15 a print.  That means you save $0.10 a print which might not sound like a whole lot, but if you have a bunch to print off, you can end up saving a pretty penny.

The only exception to this deal is that it does not apply to the instant prints.  It does include the one hour prints though, so if you can just wait that hour, you will be able to save. The great thing is that you can submit all of your pictures online through the comfort of your own home and just pick them up when they are ready.  I personally like this option because then I don't have to wait around to get them at the store or make two trips.

(Expiry: 8th April 2013)


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  • Kris
    Costco is price matching this so you can still get the better quality prints at the same price,