Women’s Bikes For $88 & Free Shipping Women’s Bikes For $88 & Free Shipping


Sun in the sky… You know how I feel… I'm feeling good! I’m butchering some song lyrics there, but that’s how I am feeling! And with the summer weather, comes the hunt for things like bicycles and outdoor fun equipment. I’ve spotted some nice prices on these women’s bikes online at Walmart Canada: you can pick up a full-size woman’s bike for only $88 with free shipping. There are two models to choose from:

These bikes are both only $88. That’s a really great price. Free Canadian shipping to your home makes this deal even sweeter.

As for the reviews on the Walmart pages, they’re a bit on the mixed side – but that’s something you should expect when you are paying such a low price for a bicycle. The reviews have got some people saying that it’s a terrible bike (!) but they’ve also got some people saying it’s wonderful! Some reviewers stated problems with the chain, some people specifically stated NO problems with the chain. So… if you’re buying this bike, do not expect it to be the most amazing vehicular transport in the world… but hopefully it will work out OK for you. I think one reviewer comment sums it up pretty well for me:

Excellent for a casual bike ride.

If you do buy one, I’d be interested to hear from you in the comments below – what do you think of your new Walmart bike?

If you are thinking of cycling a bit more but don’t want to initially invest hundreds of dollars in a bike, consider getting something low-budget (like this bike) to get you on the road again.

I used to cycle everywhere, until I was around 21 years old… that’s when I learned how to drive. When there’s a car sitting in the drive, you just get so ingrained into the habit of taking it everywhere… even if it’s only a very short trip. Laziness? Habit?

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