Pack of 2 Nessie Soup Ladles for $11.99 @ WagJag

Pack of 2 Nessie Soup Ladles for $11.99 @ WagJag

Okay, how cute are these? You don't need to travel to Scotland to see the mysterious Nessie – because she's right here!

In fact, her twin is, too. For a limited time, you can pick up TWO Nessie Soup Ladles from WagJag for just $11.99, from the usual $29.

I've seen ladles like these at a few different stores, but I can't complain about this price.

They're food-safe and dishwasher-safe (just don't accidentally put them in the microwave). They won't scratch non-stick cookware, and each one has little legs to keep them upright.

There are three colours to choose from. Just hit "buy" and you can pick blue, green or pink when you check out. You can buy as many sets as you want, and shipping is an extra $2.95 for each two-pack.


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  • Nicole M.

    These are really cute but shitty as f*ck. the handle isn't strong enough.

    • Laura D.

      Nicole Moore really? Mine were fine.

      • Jessica A.

        lets get these for soup Sunday!!

        • Nicole M.

          Laura Daniel really??? I got 3 and they're all crappy. I'm glad yours are good.