WagJag Canada: Canadian Living One-Year Subscription Only $9.60 With Coupon Code

WagJag Canada: Canadian Living One-Year Subscription Only $9.60 With Coupon Code


WagJag is celebrating their 5th birthday! Five years is a pretty monumental birthday (just ask my soon to be 5-year-old!) as it means this company is hopefully sticking around. Today only they've got a coupon code for an additional 20% off any deal. Use coupon code 5BDAY I hand-picked this one year of Canadian Living magazine as that is one of my most favourite Canadian magazines and getting it for $12 was already good, but getting it for $9.60 is so much better. That's 80 cents an issue!

If you haven't read Canadian Living, you simply must. I read this in my 20s and am still reading it in my late 30s as it is applicable to any age group. It has more than just recipes, which is one of the reasons I buy it, but it is also filled with feel-good stories about Canadians, health stories and a little bit of home and style. It takes me a few hours to get through an issue as I don't really skip too much in the magazine.

You can also choose to get this subscription as digital, with a regular deal price of $10 for $8 today. That is a $20 value. It says the print version is a $22 value, but that might all depend on if you already subscribe or buy it from the newsstand as I tend to do. I'm sure I pay more than a few dollars an issue, so I am assuming the $22 is the subscription price.

We do also have a fantastic exclusive coupon code worth $5 off $20. Since this deal is less than $20, you can't use it on that. But if you are getting a deal around the $20 mark today, our coupon would be worth more to use as it is about 25% off. If your deal is over $25, then today's code is worth more.

WagJag always has so many deals that I want to grab (and usually do), so if you see ones you've been eyeing, today is the day to get them with that extra 20% off.

(Expiry: 24th July 2015)


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