WagJag Canada: Admission to Canada's Wonderland For Only $31.99

WagJag Canada: Admission to Canada's Wonderland For Only $31.99

If you are visiting the Toronto area this Summer, this is a great deal for a very worthwhile tourist attraction. WagJag has Canada's Wonderland admission tickets on for only $31.99 each (when you buy four) or $33.99 each when you buy two, with a regular value of $58.99. This admission cost gets you on all the rides, including the waterpark.

I spent many a summer day at Canada's Wonderland in my youth and many of my best memories were riding on a roller coaster or just walking around the park. I lived fairly close to the park so I saved up all my babysitting money to get a season pass and went after school quite a bit. Back then, the cost of a season pass was the cost of the reduced price of admission now, but things do change. If you are planning on going once to Canada's Wonderland, and you definitely should, this is a great deal saving you at least $25 per ticket.

They have 16 roller coasters, a 20-acre water park plus many other rides and shows and things to do. There are basically two kid's areas for little kids and you spend all day just in this area. You could also spend all day just doing the larger roller coasters.

The only caveats to this deal are that there are limited quantities available, so you'd need to buy the tickets now, and that they are only good until June 30th. In my opinion, this is still ok, because going before school gets out means it is less busy so less crowds and lines to deal with.

Simply click Buy to purchase your tickets and you'll get printable e-tickets.

(Expiry: 31st May 2013)


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