WagJag Canada: 5-piece Set Of Paderno Cookware Only $135 (Save $209)

WagJag Canada: 5-piece Set Of Paderno Cookware Only $135 (Save $209)

Wanna cook like a pro? You don't need skills, you just need a great set of cookware for a great price from your good friends at Wag Jag Canada!

I feel like I've been lying to you guys a lot lately. Nevertheless, I'm lying to you again. You actually need skills to cook like a pro. Maybe you could use the $209 you're saving on this awesome set of cookware! That's right, you don't pay the full $344, you pay $135! This is an awesome deal and I should know. I pretend to be a real chef all the time.

Seeing as though I fancy myself a pro, I absolutely drool over Paderno's stuff. I, of course, am way too cheap (poor?) to buy their stuff normally, so I usually end up at the warehouse sale that comes by every summer. A sale like this, especially with Paderno's amazing 25-year warranty, is a great deal. If you've been looking for some new cookware, make sure you jump on this deal! On top of the great products and great prices, this stuff is made in Canada.

Shipping is included.

(Expires: 28th April 2013, 11:59PM ET)


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