WagJag Canada: $12 for a Custom Smartphone Case (Save 70%)

WagJag Canada: $12 for a Custom Smartphone Case (Save 70%)


I am loving one of the new offers at WagJag Canada because I love to get personalized items.  Right now, you can get a custom smartphone case for just $12 instead of the regular price of $40.

This deal is 70% off the regular price and as an added bonus, the shipping is absolutely free. In fact, the taxes are included as well so there will be no additional charges or hidden costs for this deal.

To design your personalized case,  you can redeem your voucher online at www.customcasing.ca and design your very own personalized smartphone case.

These customize cases will fit most smart phones.  This case will fit an iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, Samsung S3 or BlackBerry 9900. There is a limit of one per household but you may buy up to two others as gifts.  I suggest thinking of someone else who might enjoy this as well and grab another one as a gift.  You will have up to July 29th 2014 to use this voucher so you have plenty of time to make a great personalize gift for a friend or family member. If you are getting this for a gift, keep in mind it will arrive 1-4 weeks from the deal closing and you ordering it so it may not be here in time for Valentines day if that is the purpose.

(Expiry: 6th February 2014)


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