WagJag: $69 for $150 or $135 for $300 Credit at Dealuxe

WagJag: $69 for $150 or $135 for $300 Credit at Dealuxe

WagJag Calgary has a great deal on currently: spend $69 for $150 credit at Dealuxe, or $135 for $300 credit. The bigger voucher saves you an extra 1%, but more importantly you can only use one voucher per purchase so if making a larger purchase: the bigger voucher is ideal.

As mentioned above, this is through Calgary's Wagjag: if you get redirected, just go back to Calgary and look on their sidebar.

Personal bias: I love Dealuxe... I have bought 5 things from there: and they are totally awesome - and the deals... so incredibly sweet. I will tell you about my main deal from there: I bought a Doma Shearling Leather Jacket.

  • Original Price: $725
  • Sale Price: $217.50
  • Used a $150 voucher (bought for $69)
  • Total price I paid including cost of voucher: $139.88
  • Total discount: 80.7% off!

They can have some of the best sales on Dealuxe, and that is when you want to use your vouchers! Shipping is completely free, but you will have to pay tax.

Vouchers expire 12th, May 2012.

Deal expires 12th, February 2012.

Thank you to Mooser bargainista for posting this on the hot deals forum.


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