Wagjag: $10 for $20 Worth of Ballet Flats at FitinClouds

Wagjag: $10 for $20 Worth of Ballet Flats at FitinClouds


All ladies in heels: attention! There is a swell Wagjag offer in Edmonton happening right now! With this Wagjag you get $20 worth of shoes (enough for an entire pair) at FitinClouds for only $10. What makes these shoes so special? They fit up all cozy in your purse so that when your feet are killing you becaue of those killer heels you wear, you can pop them out and pop them on.

NOTE: The link seems to take you to Toronto so just change your city to Edmonton to see the deal.

Many pairs of the FitinClouds shoes are only $19.95, so you would get them for $10. The voucher includes tax but does not include shipping, however, shipping is only $3 across Canada.. so cheap! Each pair comes with it's own pouch.

Here is a great review from Shape in April 2010:

Throw these fold-up ballet flats in your clutch before you head out for an evening of dancing. When 2:30 a.m. hits and your feet are killing you, you’ll be happy you thought ahead.

So true. I don't know how many times I have worn heels and by the end of the night was not sure I could stand, let alone walk home. BTW: if you have one of those $5 off Wagjag vouchers still.. you could get this for $5!

3 days left!


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  • joy
    The same deal is on the Toronto Wagjag. Just one question, what do you do with you regular shoes? They don't fold in half and slip into that fancy case. Has anyone tried these?