Vtech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall $32 @ Sears.ca

Vtech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall $32 @ Sears.ca

Paw Patrol is where it's at lately, and I am sure that will still be the case once Christmas rolls around. If you have a little Paw Patrol fan, then you need to get your hands on this deal at Sears Canada. Get the Vtech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall for $31.99 which is 20% off.

The only other Canadian retailer who seems to have this product is Toys R Us, where this toy is still priced at $44.99 without a discount. I am actually quite surprised that Sears.ca has such a hefty discount on a popular toy like this, but don't ask questions - just grab it.

This education toy features 4 different educational modes: Letter Treats, Search & Rescue, Music Time and Learning Rescue. Marshall will teach your kiddos all about colours, letters, phonics and more. Since your child is probably glued to the Paw Patrol TV show (maybe as we speak), then I can bet they will be glued to this toy, too!

Sears.ca offers free shipping on orders over $99, or free in-store pickup at one of their 1300 Sears pickup locations across Canada.


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