VTech KidiCom Advance 3.0 Device $129.99 Shipped @ Toys R Us

Maybe now they'll stop asking for your cell phone!
VTech KidiCom Advance 3.0 Device $129.99 Shipped @ Toys R Us

I am so sick of my child stealing my cell! Thankfully, I've come across something that's just the solution without having to buy another smartphone. Plus it's a more child-friendly option. The VTech KidiCom Advance 3.0 Device will be your saviour and you can get it for just $129.99.

VTech KidiCom Advance 3.0 Device

The VTech KidiCom Advance 3.0 Device has been heavily advertised and is all over YouTube so it'll be on lots of Christmas lists this year. This smart device has a 5 inch touch screen with 3D effects and has been designed with kids in mind.

Your child can safely send and receive texts and short video messages to family and friends using the secure VTech KidConnect app.

There's a 2MP rotatable camera and 8GB of expandable memory to let your child take photos and make movies - they can even use filters and effects to make things even more awesome.

With games on it, it'll prevent them from wanting on your cell phone, plus they can listen to music and watch their favourite programmes.

Worry not about safety as there are parental settings so that your kid can safely browse the internet without the need of constant supervision. And, you can control how much time they spend on it.

Shipping is free of charge or you can pick up from a Toys R Us.


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