Vocalocity: 1 Month Of Free VoIP Service Or Free VoIP Phone

Vocalocity: 1 Month Of Free VoIP Service Or Free VoIP Phone


Get a free month of VoIP for your business from Vocalocity!

The internet is changing everything, so it stands to reason that telephony will change too. That's what services like Vocalocity do. They bring your phone services into the future by running them all over IP. This means you can manage your calls better, you can grow or shrink your phone network easily, have phones with advanced features and there is no big pieces of expensive equipment to install! That's only a few of the reasons to get VoIP with Vocalocity for your small business.

Right now, you can get a free month of service or a free Yealink T20 Phone. There is a minimum contract you need to sign to get the freebies, but you'll need to talk to the Vocalocity sales people to determine all those details. The expiry date on the website says 15th October 2013, but I have an email where it says that the free month is on until October 31st, so I'm not really sure what is going on there. Again, it's probably best to contact them with the form at the bottom of the page I linked to above to get all the details.

(Expires: 15th October 2013 or 31st October 2013)


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