VistaPrint Canada: 25% off Calendars and Christmas Cards!

VistaPrint Canada: 25% off Calendars and Christmas Cards!


Get 25% off calendars and Christmas cards at VistaPrint Canada!

We aren't really much for the Christmas cards around the McGuire household, but we always buy three calendars for Christmas. One for us, one for my parents and one for my wife's parents. They always say something homemade is always a better gift that store bought, but I think a professionally made gift that was designed by you is even better. Our parents absolutely adore these gifts because they are full of pictures of our son. You could put pictures of anything in there. Pictures of your car, your family vacations - anything you want.

Of course some people are Christmas card people and that's fine. The problem with Christmas Cards is that, traditionally, you go get a picture taken at the mall photographer and that picture is on your card. If the picture doesn't turn out right or you change your mind about it later, you're out of luck. With VistaPrint you choose whatever picture you want and change it as many times as you want before you make your oeder.

The deal is for 25% off but some of them are more than 25% off so you may get a better deal than is advertised. Shipping depends on what you get and where you are.

(Expires: 1st November 2013)


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