Veer Images: 15% Extra Credit When You Buy Any Credit Pack

Veer Images: 15% Extra Credit When You Buy Any Credit Pack


Get extra credit towards your image purchases for free!

Veer says this is the easiest bonus ever and I'd have to agree. All you do is buy the credits and the bonus ones are added. Credits, as these things go, are cheaper than buying images with cash but your money is locked in to credits. For example if you were to only ever buy the extra small version of some image for $2.25 you would be ill served in buying 12 (+2) credits for $18.48. If you're going to buy 14 images at 1 credit each then getting the credits it the most economical. The credits end up being $1.32/each.

And that brings me to another point. Try and figure out ahead of time how many credits you will need. If you need 60 credits then you should buy 45 credits as it is cheaper to get the 60 (+10) instead of getting the 12 (+2) pack, realizing you need more then getting another 13 (+2) pack and on like that until you have the 45 you originally needed. Just for the sake of comparison if you get the 12 (+2) pack you will pay the aforementioned $1.32/credit but if you get 12000 (+1800) credits you will pay $0.86/credit. Of course the 12000 (+1800) pack costs $11,880 so yeah, there's that.

And of course all the images are awesome. Everything is categorized nicely so you can just wander through the tons and tons of awesome images or you can search for them. And you can search for anything like Red Monkey or Sad Phone or any other random thing.

(Expires: 27th November 2013)


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