Value Village Canada: Saver Club

Value Village Canada: Saver Club


Value Village has started a club that you can join for extra savings and exclusive offers. Thank you to Mooser Jill for sending us this offer. When you join print out your confirmation and when you bring it in store you will save 25%.

What Mooser Jill told us:

Sign up online, bring your confirmation page to Value Village for 25% off discount - the card gives you special events, members only coupons, newsletters, birthday offer, online contests


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  • JM
    Not impressed so far. Couldn't print code and now can't re-start as system says I've already printed. E-mailed support earlier this week but no response.
    • Jon
      Same thing here. It didn't work with firefox. I used another email and went through explorer and it printed
      • karen
        Same here....
        • Karyn
          Overall a HUGE disappointment. Once you are a member the benefits are not even there. I have received two coupons since joining several months ago. So far this seems like a waste of plastic in the wallet.
          • Sammy
            I have tried numerous times to sign up for the super savers club but keeps giving me an error message on here. Will not even let me get to the page to sign up.
            • L. S.
              Not impressed so far. Couldn’t print coupon and now can’t re-start as system says I’ve already printed. E-mailed support about 2 months ago, but still no response.
              • dianne c.
                unable to log in username wrong password wrong also says it says no e-mail address in your records yet i have my card coupon what has happened that you don't know me
                • Anna
                  Dianne - please contact the company themselves.
                • Vanessa
                  Tried to sign in but will not let me click on the box to accept the rules ,I called the store and was given no help there they don't even n know how to get you singed in .yes yet another waste of time and money that could be used on the cause it stands for Diabetus !!!!!
                  • mona
                    Seems everyone is fussing about having to spend 1.5 minutes filling out an application to receive an instant 25% off at VV, and more savings in the future.... since when did we evolve so much that we cant just appreciate discounts and freebies? As far as problems printing, use IE at a friends/ library if you dont have it, use hotmail as your email address... never had a problem siging up, nor has the several other people I know. Cheers!