Valentine's Sale @

Valentine's Sale @

Wouldn't it be nice to escape for a couple of days, or maybe even just for Valentine's night next week? If you think so too, you might be interested in the Valentine's Sale at - they're offering up to 30% off select hotels.

I'll paste in some of the small print here, for our reference:

Save up to 30% for Valentine’s Day. Plus stay 2 nights and get a credit toward wine & chocolate at Lot18! Book by 14th Feb, travel by 21st Feb 2012.

I've had a quick glance through to find you some examples; there are hotels in Toronto from $80, Vancouver stays from $87, Quebec from $66, Niagara Falls from $44, Ottawa hotels from $80.

They're just the Canadian examples, but there are hotels in the US and all over the world too... maybe a quick flight to France for Valentines? The Eiffell Tower is a pretty romantic place, I have to admit. And a family member recently got engaged on the banks of the Seine... how lovely!

Hey - for those of us who have Valentines and birthday in the same week... it's just not as good, as sometimes I get two pressies "rolled" into one. Not good enough! I want 2 separate pressies!

(Expires 14th February 2012)

(P.S. Try coupon code HCJAN10 for a potential extra 10% discount - not sure which hotels it is applicable to though, but worth a try)


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