US Access DNS Canada: Free 7 Day Trial + 1 Year Subscription for only $20 (Save $15)

US Access DNS Canada: Free 7 Day Trial + 1 Year Subscription for only $20 (Save $15)


**This deal has been changed since it was posted. US Access advised us that the deal we had here previously was about to run out so they gave us a BargainMoose exclusive link.

Access all the American content you want for only $20/year with US Access Canada!

I use a service similar to this one and I pay way more for. It changes with the exchange rate because it's in USD but at today's exchange rate, I'm paying over $70/year for the service. $70/year! Now, to be fair I'm paying monthly. If I was paying yearly it would be over $60/year. Still a far cry from US Access' regular price of $34.97/year. To make the deal even sweeter, the link above will give you a one year subscription for only $20! You're saving $14.97! Prices are in USD so it'll be a bit more money because of the exchange rate but not much. I'm definitely signing up for this. I'm all for brand loyalty but for a 70% discount I'm willing to jump ship.

So what exactly do you do with a service like this? Well, you configure your computer, Playstation, xBox, Tablet, Phone or entire network to use the US Access DNS (Confused already? Hold on, we'll get to that.) and start watching American content from Canada. What kind of content? American Netflix, Hulu, Pandora. How about the video on US TV channel websites? They even give you access to some UK services including BBC iPlayer and are adding more. Check out the full list here.

If you still aren't sure, you can get a free 7 day trial and, if you don't think it's worth it, cancel before 7 days and never get charged.

(Expires: Unknown)


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    This is a great deal! Often when traveling I bring my laptop so that I can view Netflix but in Canada you are limited and don't get the same content as the US Netflix so now with this USAccess account, I always get USA content, and for $20 a month, you simply can't go wrong! Easy set up too!!
    • Tania
      Hi, thanks for the offer! Do you know when this deal will expire?
      • Anna W.
        Not sure Tania, but we've set up an exclusive code here and I will confirm the expiry too -