Urban Planet: BOGO $1 Entire Store (Jan 1)

Urban Planet: BOGO $1 Entire Store (Jan 1)


Urban Planet's entire online store is buy one get one for $1 today only! It even works on clearance items. A lot of companies are celebrating New Years with one day only sales, so I hope our Moosers are reading the blog today. They have free shipping on orders of $75+.

I could not find their regular shipping costs on the website, so if you find them... let me know! I have never bought anything at Urban Planet before so I know nothing about the quality of their clothing, I do know however, that they are very cheaply priced! Has anyone bought from them before?


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  • Velarie
    Urban Planet I finds caters to tweens,teens and young adults. They carry great in fashion items, very trendy. They run their sizes very small. I am usually a small womens, bt at their store I am a medium sometimes even large. Their quality is medicore, but I do enjoy shopping their for some cheap trendy items. Sometimes I don't want to spend too much on a in trend item. Becausewho knows if it will still be in fashion next year.
    • Becci
      Their jeans are great if you have slim hips! I stock up at these 1+1 sales. They fit like guess with 1/4 the price tag! Quality on jeans, T's and tanks are just fine. Hoodies can be cut small and often don't have strong zippers. Other items like dresses, jackets and accessories can be (and look) cheaply made.