Urban Outfitters: Funky Bargain Dresses!

Urban Outfitters: Funky Bargain Dresses!

I was reading an email from Loulou today, and it highlighted a good price on a cute little green dress from Urban Outfitters, going for $32. But then I decided to have a further browse round the Urban Outfitters site, and I found some more excellent prices on dresses, starting at only $9.99!

Here are some highlights that I spotted, all shown in the picture above.

  • The COPE Chiffon Dress - I like the way this dress hangs, it would cover my little pot belly. Not bad, comes in at $14.99.

Great selection, eh? Nice little party numbers. :)


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  • misskitty-79
    Quebec users are blocked from accessing their website (because they're too damned lazy/cheap to have it translated), so I refuse to shop in their stores either.