Up to $100 off Manitobah Mukluks @ Quarks

Up to $100 off Manitobah Mukluks @ Quarks

If you're as into Manitobah Mukluks as I am, you know they don't go on sale often – so this is a big deal! Right now, Quarks has women's Manitobah Mukluks for as much as $100 off!

I didn't spot any moccasins on clearance, but prices start at $49.99 for slippers and $139.99 for mukluks – which is a steal in my book!

Most sale styles are still available in all or most sizes, but I wouldn't expect things to stay that way for long! Check these out while you can:

Sadly, their free shipping on orders over $60 doesn't apply to sale items. One sale item ships for $10, with a $5 charge for each additional sale pair.


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