Up to 87% off Outlet @ Mankind UK & Free Canadian Shipping! (Items from only $2.12!)

Up to 87% off Outlet @ Mankind UK & Free Canadian Shipping! (Items from only $2.12!)


Mankind is a very popular UK based store which sells a range of items, everything from cosmetics to exercise equipment. And guess what? They do completely free international shipping to Canada! I was browsing their site and noticed that there are a ton of great items in their clearance pages with up to 87% off, with prices starting at only $2.12. When you combine that with the free Canadian shipping, you’ve got a great opportunity to score some excellent bargains that you might not find from online retailers here in Canada.

(When you land on the Mankind store from the above link, make sure you change your currency to Canadian dollars at the top right if it’s not showing automatically.)

Highest Percentage Discount – 97% Off

My headline mentions an 87% discount – that’s the percentage reduction on this black Kensington Soft Case for Samsung Galaxy S3, with 87% off, it’s now only $4.09 with free shipping. That’s the highest percentage discount that I can see on the Mankind outlet pages.

Lowest Priced Outlet Item - $2.12

The lowest priced item is this 200ML Impulse Magical Glamour Shower Gel – it’s $60 off, now only $2.12 with free shipping.

Extra Percentage Discounts

Some product ranges in the outlet section have additional discounts already included in their prices. For example:

Price Compare!

Let’s take the Kerastase items as an example. You can buy those online here in Canada through the Kerastase.ca website. The Capital Force Densifying Shampoo is on offer at Mankind for $24.72. To buy that same item at Kerastase here, you’d pay $39! You can clearly see that on this item in particular, it’d be a great bargain. If there’s something that catches your eye, run a quick price comparison on Google.ca to make sure you’re getting the best deal from Mankind.

Non-Outlet Items Coupon Code

If you’re buying something from Mankind.co.uk that’s NOT in the outlet section, then you can possibly score an extra discount with this coupon code:

Click here to use the Mankind coupon code online now

  • CouponCode: MKSUPER20
  • Discount: 20% off for new customers
  • Expires: Unknown

I tried the coupon code on the outlet items, and sadly, it didn’t work. But it works on full-priced items for new accounts.

Customs, Duties, etc

Remember that any potential customs fees or duties will be up to you to pay – you won’t pay them as you are going through checkout. I’d recommend keeping your orders under the $20 customs limit if you can – make multiple small orders if you see lots of items you want. That way, you don’t run the risk of having any unexpected costs at your door!

(Expires: never?)


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