Up to 52% off Schleich Dinosaur Figures @ Amazon.ca

Up to 52% off Schleich Dinosaur Figures @ Amazon.ca


Dinosaurs always make great toys but with the recent release of Jurassic World, they have become an even hotter item. Below, I have compiled an array of Schleich dinosaur figurines that are on sale. With up to 52% off these dino figures, you can buy more for less.

I have individually linked to each toy after poring through 22 pages of Schleich figures. The Schleich at Home with The Herbivores Play Set is your best deal. It comes with three dinosaurs and a few plants. Originally $29.99, this set is on sale for $14.39. For the price, you are certainly getting a good number of pieces.

Everyone wants to play with the big bad dinosaur: T-Rex. The Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy Figure, Light Green is currently on sale $29.99 down to $15.95. This figure has a moveable jaw that opens and closes. You can also pick up a different t-rex in a play set. This Schleich T-Rex on The Hunt Playset was $29.99 and is now $20.13. The set includes a full-grown T-Rex, baby T-Rex in egg and a T-Rex skull.

There is another popular dinosaur we all know, and he is on sale too. The Schleich Velociraptor toy Figure, Green was $16.99 and is now $9.36. he has a couple moveable parts, which is great for play time. You can also get a boxed set for this dinosaur. The Schleich Velociraptor on The Hunt Play Set comes with three raptors and a skull. Originally $24.99, the set is on sale for $13.08.

There are other not-so-famous dinosaurs that are fun to add to your collection. After all, you need some dinosaurs for t-rex to chase. This Schleich Spinosaurus Toy Figure, Violet was $24.99 but is now only $14.08. The same dinosaur comes in a different figure as well. The Schleich Spinosaurus, Yellow is on sale from $23.99 down to $15.56.

The Schleich Apatosaurus is like an essential dinosaur for any collection. Originally $27.99, this dino is on sale for $15.95.

If you thought T-rex was the top of the food change, you may want to think again. There are a couple other carnivores you want to collect. Schleich Giganotosaurus Toy Figure, Orange was $29.99 and is now $18.52. You can also get Schleich Carnotaurus Figure on sale from $23.99 down to only $12.53.

These dinosaur figures make excellent Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. As per usual, Amazon adjusts its prices often so pick these up as soon as possible. Receive free shipping on $25 or more.

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