Up to 50% off Kitchen Must-Haves @ The Bay

Up to 50% off Kitchen Must-Haves @ The Bay

It still feels a little like Cyber Week at The Bay, especially since kitchen must-haves and gifts for the chef are up to 50% off!

Shop the sale by department:

One of the best stocking stuffer ideas I found in this sale has to be the Blush Stainless Steel Bracelet Flask! It's basically a 90ml flask disguised as a bracelet (so you can wear it anywhere). It comes in three colours, and each one is $36, down from $60!

Choose from these colours:

I took a peek through everything and pulled out a few of the absolute best deals! Check 'em out:

Top Kitchen Gift Ideas

There really are way too many incredible deals to cover here, so you might as well check them all out for yourself! Orders over $45 ship free if you use your HBC Credit Card.


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  • Jaclyn M.

    , , , ...i think we all need one

    • Orissa P.

      One for each hand :wink:

      • Isabel B.

        :joy: Love it!

        • Lisa C.

          Yes we do!!! Get those for the gift exchange next year!!!!

        • Douglas M.

          you need this lol

          • Holly D.

            Yes...yes I do!

          • Amanda S.

            I already want one or four!

            • Jane W.

              for when we start the clinic !!!!

              • Lois H.

                Told ya these were things, , , !

                • Christa R.

                  Omg this is perfect lol

                  • Pat H.

                    Lol yep..we definitely need those!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                  • Lorelei H.


                    • Roxanne S.

                      lol I need this for Malibu

                      • Jessa R.

                        for next year's party...

                        • Anna B.

                          Not tacky enough

                        • Tawny U.

                          I need this in my life

                          • Caitlin G.

                            , think Nate would consider these being an xmas bonus?

                            • Ash M.

                              I’ll put a word in! :joy:

                            • Monique B.

                              pour avoir du vino en tout temps :joy::joy:

                              • Sandi C.

                                , , , .... snowflake ball!

                                • Breanne F.

                                  Très elegant!!! You suckers are in your own at the snowflake ball though. I’m sending Jim!!

                                  • Sandi C.

                                    oh right!

                                    • Deanne G.

                                      I could use that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                                      • Deanne G.

                                        Paul will be happy to see Jim

                                      • Gillian W.

                                        found a better flask for vegas next time

                                        • Kjersten H.

                                          Do you know how many times I kick myself for not getting that gold onsie...... this would have been perfect!!

                                          • Gillian W.

                                            yes it needs the onsie and bedazzled selfie sticks finish the ensemble

                                            • Kjersten H.

                                              next time we splurge....

                                            • Amy B.


                                              • Cory G.

                                                Shiny and useful

                                                • Tracey B.

                                                  , a Christmas gift. :joy:

                                                • Catherine R.


                                                  • Sarah C.

                                                    Looolll ça serait parfait pour ça :joy::joy::joy:

                                                  • Gabri E.

                                                    somehow I see the two of you making good use of this :joy:

                                                    • Mariette L.

                                                      Oh que oui I would wear it 24 hres

                                                    • Kimberly S.

                                                      This is all you need to buy tomorrow.

                                                      • Lindsey B.