iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB w/1 Year Warranty $699.99 @ ebay.ca Seller:refurbio

 iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB w/1 Year Warranty $699.99 @ ebay.ca Seller:refurbio

I'm so excited!! I saw a great deal on an iPhone 6 Plus so I jumped on it. I currently have an iPhone 5 but the size of the screen on the iPhone 6 Plus has tempted me ever since it came out. Super Mario Run will be better than ever!

The going price at the Apple Canada store right now on an iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB phone model is $1029.00 but you right now can buy an Apple Certified Refurbished model on ebay from seller: refurbio for $699.99 with free shipping, which is a 32% savings!

This iPhone is an unlocked model that you can use with any compatible carrier, with a full one year direct Apple warranty. The condition will be superb! "Grade A+ 10/10 condition. Factory certified by Apple, sealed in box." Comes with charger, headphones and Apple certified packaging unopened.

Setting it up the same way as your current iPhone is easy. Use your pc to back up your current iPhone using iTunes. Make sure to encrypt the backup with a password so that when you set up your new iPhone using your saved backup of your current iPhone, all of your data and passwords will go along with it! If you use iCloud to complete the backup and then restore to your new phone, passwords and data, etc. are not saved.

Over the years my husband and I have had several Apple Refurbished products and all have been excellent and look brand new. Apple provides a new battery new screen and new casing so it will look like a new phone.


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