Unicorn Bath Bomb $17.99 @ Charmed Aroma

Unicorn Bath Bomb $17.99 @ Charmed Aroma

Charmed Aroma has captured my heart again - with something magical this time. They've recently launched their Unicorn Bath Bomb and I couldn't be more excited about bath time. These bath bombs are on for $17.99 and I grabbed one for myself and one as a gift.

The great part about these Charmed Aroma Unicorn Bath Bombs is that they contain a ring inside! So select your ring size and head to the check out. You won't regret it!

The ring inside could be worth up to $5000, with a minimum value of $10. When I finally got my ring out of my Charmed Aroma Candle, it was appraised (via the Charmed Aroma website) at $300 and I still wear it daily.

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