Would You Wear These Fuzzy UGG Sandals?

No matter what, at least your feet will be cozy
Would You Wear These Fuzzy UGG Sandals?

I'm scratching my head at the latest summer trend. I'm not really sure why someone would willingly wear these out of the house, but I'll let you be the final judge here. UGG has released their new line of summer sandals, and they're – well – a little fuzzier than I expected. In fact, they look just like slippers.

The UGG Fuzz Yeah collection might have the best name but some of the strangest footwear I've seen in a while. It consists of a few different styles of sandals and slides that all feature fuzzy straps.

Just take a look at these Fuzz Yeah Slip-On Sandals. UGG describes them as "more than just a house slipper," so these fluffy, sheepskin sandals are probably super comfortable. They come in a bunch of different colours in women's sizes 5 through 12 and cost $125 a pair. Price aside, though, I just can't get over how they look!

I've seen fuzzy slides before, but these shoes take things to an entirely new level. They're so fluffy! There's even this pair of Holly Sandals that come with a giant puffball across the top of each shoe. I can't imagine these would feel good when they start to get sweaty, but I'd love to wear them around the house.

If you absolutely fall for any of these shoes, know that shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $10. And I'm dying to hear what you all have to say, so leave your verdict in the comments! Would you wear these shoes?

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