Tzumi Ion RoboVac $99 Shipped @ Walmart

The Self-Charging “Smart” Vacuum!
Tzumi Ion RoboVac $99 Shipped @ Walmart

This is the cheapest robot vacuum I've seen. The Tzumi Ion RoboVac has been slashed in price from $299.98 to just $99 shipped at Walmart. Move now or you'll miss out on this for sure.

Tzumi Ion RoboVac

The Tzumi Ion RoboVac will make it way around your home without any problems at all. It's the lazy or carefree way to keep your floors immaculate.

It'll work it's wonders on hardwood floors to rugs to carpets with ease. It's side brushes pull all the dirt and debris into the suction area.

The roller brush within can pick up those small bits on the floor.

How does it get about? It features a built-in multi-directional movement and there are sensors that help avoid collisions and identify stairs and edges.

Operate it via it's remote or the Tzumi Smart Home app, which is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

This is clever and will automatically dock itself when it's needing recharged.

Shipping is free of charge, as is curbside pick-up if that suits you better.


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