Two Packs Of Dads Oatmeal Original Cookies $3.98 @ Amazon

They are delicious!
Two Packs Of Dads Oatmeal Original Cookies $3.98 @ Amazon

I've you've never dunked a Dad's Oatmeal Original Cookie into a milky cup of coffee before then you haven't lived. Do yourself a solid and get over to Amazon right now where you can get two packs of two packs of Dad's Oatmeal Original Cookies for just $3.98 ($1.99 a pack - with a two pack minimum purchase).

Dad's Oatmeal Original Cookies

The Dad's Oatmeal Original Cookies are so yummy and do you know what I like most about them? They have just 60 calories in each cookie. That means I can have a couple without worrying about piling on the pounds.

They are great on their own, dunked in cold milk, or as mentioned above with that hot cup of coffee.

The Chocolate Chip ones*are also down to $1.99 a pack and these don't have a minimum purchase on, so you can grab the one pack should you wish.

If you've got Prime then delivery is free of charge. It's also free if you spend $35+.


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