Tuango Canada: Get 96 Adagio K-Cups For Just $35 ($68 Value)

Tuango Canada: Get 96 Adagio K-Cups For Just $35 ($68 Value)


Tuango Canada is loaded with excellent deals, and now we even have an exclusive coupon code to combine with those offers. For a limited time, get your choice of 96 Adagio K-Cup Pods value at $68 for just $39.99. Plus use our exclusive coupon code and you will be left paying just $34.99 plus a $6 shipping fee.

Taxes are included in this offer. Your Keurig K-Cup stash will be full to the brim! You can have your choice of 96 Adagio K-Cups for just $34.99 when you combine this offer with our exclusive coupon code. That is practically 50% off the original price. Here is our exclusive coupon code:

  • Coupon code: MOOSE1015
  • Discount: $5 off $20
  • Expiry: 31st October 2015

I start every day by putting my coffee cup under my Keurig machine and clicking the "push to start" button. Those little K-Cups can be quite expensive though, so I am always on the hunt for an excellent bargain. Right now Tuango.ca has an excellent offer for all you Keurig lovers. You can get an assortment of 96 Adagio K-Cups for that one low price. So basically there are 5 options and  4 different flavours available. The four different flavours include:

  • Adagio Caffe Napoli
  • Adagio House Blend
  • Adagio Toscana Blend
  • Adagio House Blend Decaf

The 5 different options for this offer include:

  • Option 1: Get 96 K-Cup pods of Adagio Caffe Napoli
  • Option 2: Get 96 K-Cup pods of Adagio House Blend
  • Option 3: Get 96 K-Cup pods of Adagio House Blend Decaf
  • Option 4: Get 96 K-Cup pods of Adagio Toscana Blend
  • Option 5: Variety Pack

Adagio coffees will be a fabulous addition to your morning routine. At other retailers, a 24 pack of these Adagio K-Cup pods will cost you $14 - $16 depending on where you shop. That means for 96 you would end up paying $56 - $64, so getting 96 of these coffee beverages for just $34.99 is definitely a bargain if I do say so myself.

You are limited to 5 purchases of this offer, so you can always try all five options if you have the extra money. Please keep in mind that there are $6 shipping and handling charges on this particular purchase from Tuango.ca, and that will apply to every offer purchased. For more Tuango Canada coupon codes and discounts, be sure to check out our Bargainmoose forum.

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  • witchblade
    Be warned that this coffee is expiring on November 15th 2015... That's in 4 days! Theses pod usually have a year or more expiration date. Freshness won't be there. I bought Marley coffee (the best) but expired (at Homesence) and the taste was not the same...
    • Anna W.
      Hi witchblade. That's actually over a month away... but thanks for raising the point.