True Cuddles Canada: Cuddle Of The Week Deals!

True Cuddles Canada: Cuddle Of The Week Deals!

Sarah from True Cuddles dropped me an email about her website, I clicked through, and had a browse. I really liked the style and layout of her site, so I thought I’d do a blog post about it!

I’ll paste what she has told me so you can read a bit about the True Cuddles website:

Every Monday morning, True Cuddles offers a limited quantity of one in-demand baby/toddler product a week, at a discounted price, until it sells out.  We call it our "Cuddle of the Week".  Our discounts range from 40 to 70% off retail.

Our community consists of thousands of hip moms, across North America, who loyally read, share and shop with us. We are an enjoyable shopping destination for moms with little time. These moms want to know about the latest baby gear, can’t live without toddler products and everything else that keeps their children safe, fed and in-style. We're a fun, unique shopping experience {and outlet} for modern moms to buy high quality products at affordable prices, in a stress free, always-open environment.   We also feature other mom-run businesses and feature some fab giveaways each week!

Even if you are a contest lover and want to participate in their giveaways, you have a very good chance of winning. For example, on this giveaway for a baby teething toy, they only had 59 comments, so a one is fifty-nine chance of winning isn’t bad odds!

I’ve had a look back at their “cuddles of the week” and they are all very interesting products too. From pouch slings to burp scarves, there are great products for moms. You do have to pay extra for shipping though – it’s a shame it’s not free. Advice to Sarah and her team – maybe do a free shipping promotion? I reckon you’d definitely get a lot more custom. (UPDATE - they do free local shipping in Calgary if that's any help to you!)


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  • Sarah
    For the last 6 months we've offered free shipping for our local Calgary customers. Unfortunately, shipping costs even within Canada are outrageous and with little to no markup on our deals - we're doing the best we can :) Maybe we'll surprise our subscribers one fine Monday and ship for free! Thanks for the post!
    • Anna
      Hi Sarah!! I didn't notice the free Calgary shipping, I'll add that in. Yeah, shipping costs across Canada are horrendous... I agree.
      • Sarah
        Our free calgary shipping ends at the end of June, so two more weeks of free shipping on our Cuddle of the Week!