True Cuddles: Buggy Guard $17.99 (save 40%)

True Cuddles: Buggy Guard $17.99 (save 40%)

True Cuddles is having another great "Cuddle of the Week" this week.  They have their Buggy Guards on sale for just $17.99 which is 40% off the regular price.

These Buggy Guards are truly a cool security item to have if you have little ones.  The regular price is $29.99 but it is on sale for 40% off this week only for just $17.99.  Just like you would lock up your bike when you leave it unattended, this locks your stroller with a simple personalized combination.

Here are a few of the features of the Buggy Guard:

  • Fits all strollers – That means it’s interchangeable with all your strollers (jogging, umbrella, deluxe) and no tools required
  • Easy coiling – Push button retractable cable. No cumbersome thick cables impossible to weave through object and recoil back into shape
  • Strongest and longest retractable cable – New technology aircraft stainless steel 2.4 mm 4 1/2 foot long cable
  • Combination dials – Set-your-own combination for personalization and easy recall

There have been times when we have gone to a big outdoor playground and have had to leave our stroller unattended to go across the playground to supervise the kids.  This has also happened at our local water-park.  I have always been nervous about leaving it alone but this would give piece of mind.  Nobody wants to steal a stroller that they can't use without the combination!

Shipping depends on where you are, but it could possibly add an extra $8.99 on to the price. That's a little steep, but it appears to be a flat-rate.

(Expiry: 23rd April 2012)


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  • Anita
    by the time you add shipping, it takes most of the discount away :(