Trove Kids: Closing Out Sale

Trove Kids: Closing Out Sale

Trove Kids is an eco-friendly store that sells baby and kids items.  They are closing down, so they have their entire store on sale at some great prices, either at cost or below cost right now.

I am a little upset that I didn't know about this store when I first had my kids because I would have definitely bought some of the baby items from there.  I love the fact that all of the items are eco-friendly.

You can chose from items like bedding, clothing, toys, diapering, mealtime storage and more.  If you need to pick up a baby gift, this is the sale to do it.

Here are a few of the deals:

Just like most closing out sales, I am assuming that the items will keep getting lower and lower in price until they are completely sold out.  Basically, if you see something you like at a good price, you can either snap it up now or wait and see if it goes down in price first.  If you wait, though, you will run the risk of the item getting sold out before it gets reduced again.

(Expiry: Until all sold out)


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