TrendyBabies 10% Discount

TrendyBabies 10% Discount


A few days ago, Avigayil posted this deal for Trendybabies Canada, a kids boutique that sells cute items for your little ones, made by 21 work-at-home mamas. TrendyBabies has emailed us a special deal exclusively for the Bargainmoosers, to get you an extra 10% discount off anything on their site! You must use this link to activate the 10% discount in your cart:

The previous deal mentioned free shipping on their crochet hats, which is also applicable in conjunction with the extra 10% discount offer.

I had a quick browse round the site, and there are some very pretty items. Some examples of things that I like:

They state shipping depends on what you are buying, and usually varies between $2.50 and $5.50. Shipping can clearly be seen when you pop something in your cart.

(Ends 3rd October 2010)



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