Trend Trunk Canada: Cash in Your Closet + Win a $10 GC

Trend Trunk Canada: Cash in Your Closet + Win a $10 GC

If you are a frugal Mooser, or trying to find ways to both save and make money - you have got to get well acquainted with Trend Trunk. Trend Trunk is a purely Canadian website that acts as an online 'consignment shop'.

Very simply this is how it works:

  • List your clothing + accessories on their website for free
  • They add on a $8 shipping fee
  • When you sell you print off a shipping label and drop the package off at your nearest Post Office
  • Keep 80%

Trend Trunk's commission is VERY reasonable, most 'brick and mortar' consignment stores take a 50/50 commission... so you are keeping an extra 30%.

Trend Trunk is awesome also for buyers. Keep your costs down and buy new, like-new, and pre-loved clothing for a fraction of the store price!

Right now they are running an incredible contest. You can win a trip to Punta Cana, a $3000 closet makeover or a sweet camera! When you join TrendTrunk you get 1 entry, and you can follow them on twitter, like them on Facebook, and invite friends for additional entries. You can also gain a whopping 5 extra entries PER item you list with them! They are also giving away a ton of gift cards so following them on Facebook or twitter is a good idea.

To summarize why TrendTrunk is awesome:

  • Make money on things you no longer wear
  • Save money by buying gently used items
  • Get Canada wide exposure for your items
  • Get entered into a freaking awesome contest with the chance to win BIG!

- How to WIN a $10 TrendTrunk Card on Bargainmoose: Congrats to Mooser Kelly on winning the $10 GC.

I won a $10 TrendTrunk gift card code, and I want to pass it forward to a lucky Mooser! The contest is simple, answer the following two questions and I will randomly draw a winner (using a random number generator based on your comment number) August 27th @ 3 pm EST.

Answer these two questions:

  • How many items do I (Avigayil Morris) have listed for sale on TrendTrunk?
  • What item on TrendTrunk would you spend the $10 GC on?

Please only comment once on this post, and don't include any personal details. The email associated with the post is the one I will use to contact the winner and give them their gift card code!

Have fun! I hope you like this place as much as I do.


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  • crystal j.
    i do not currently see any items for sale for your trend trunk account and i would spend the $10 on maternity wear as i am 5 months pregnant
    • Laura
      You have 16 items listed! I would spend it towards the roots white leather purse that you have listed! Thanks for sharing, cool site!
      • cindy
        Wow this is an awesome site! I have a lot of clothing that I don't wear anymore so this is definitely an intriguing source to check out! As of now you have 16 items listed. There are lots of items that I like on Trend Trunk but I am particularly lusting over the vintage Chanel scarf you posted... :-) thanks again for recommending this site!
        • Kelly
          You have 16 items...I will probably buy a bag!
          • Mei
            You have 16 items for sale. I would spend towards the purse. I like the way your pictures are shot!
            • Leah
              16 items! And I would buy a jacket!
              • Wendy
                16 items. I'd buy a trenchcoat.
                • Amanda
                  16 items. And I would buy a dress!
                  • Avigayil M.
                    Ok! We have 7 participants that qualified for the draw by providing both the number I have listed, and what you would like to get! (16 was correct). That is pretty good odds in my opinion! 1 in 7 chance! Omitting the first post which failed to find the number of items I had listed, I thus number the posts 1 through 7. Using a random number generator I will select the winner! And the Random number generator says... #3! Kelly you have won the $10 GC! I will send the GC code and how to redeem info over to you momentarily! Congrats!
                    • ce
                      what happens if the item I buy is not what I exactly wrong size etc what is the return policy?
                      • Avigayil M.
                        There is no return policy. This is the equivalent of a Kijiji or Craigslist (or a new and used shop) just online. You are buying from real people, not a store. I highly suggest asking for more pictures and exact dimensions to make sure what you buy is what you want. I tend to always ask for waist, bust, hip, etc measurements... what the item is made of (material) and any other pertinent information. Also, knowing your own measurements is really important. Asking all the important questions up front will make sure you only buy items in the right size.