Trampoline Sprinklers Exist And They Look Like So Much Fun!

... and a health and safety nightmare!
Trampoline Sprinklers Exist And They Look Like So Much Fun!

Oh my goodness, my kids are gonna freak when they see this trampoline sprinkler. Okay, so I must admit I have my reservations about a wet trampoline, and I can already hear the sound of broken bones and skin slamming on the trampoline mat. I'm gonna be a nervous wreck watching the children play with it, but you know they will love it.

Trampoline Sprinklers

What is a trampoline sprinkler? It's a toy that's for outdoors that attaches to your trampoline. Connect it to your garden hose and it'll shoot out a fine mist of water. Watch the kids get soaked as they bounce up and down.

Not only will it create many giggles, but will keep them cool on those hot days.

This LETITGO Trampoline Sprinkler* is selling like hot cakes on Amazon, and at just $32.99 we can see why.

You can also pick them up on eBay*, but as always always check out the seller's feedback before you commit.

I think some trampoline socks*might be a good idea, so that the kids can grip when bouncing.

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