Toys R Us Canada: LEGO Superman Make N' Take Event

Toys R Us Canada: LEGO Superman Make N' Take Event

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This past weekend Toys R Us had a great in store event and next weekend they have another great one.  They are calling it their Superman Make N' Take event and it should be a lot of fun for the entire family.

This even will be held on Saturday October 26th from 11am- 1pm at most Toys R Us locations.  These events are almost never at the Express locations so I would chose another one closest to you.

Basically, you will  be able to build your very own LEGO Superman Shield and bring it home with you.  There is no purchase necessary to participate so you will be getting a free toy.  There are  limited numbers of free superman LEGO per store so each store has 100 of each model to build per store.  These events are pretty popular so I suggest being there right at 11am to make sure you are able to participate.

This is a great way to have free family fun!

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