Toys R Us Canada: Imaginarium Train Tables or Doll House $50 Off & Free Shipping

Toys R Us Canada: Imaginarium Train Tables or Doll House $50 Off & Free Shipping

Right now for a limited time only at Toys R Us, they have their Imaginarium Doll House and Train Tables $50 off.  These items are regularly priced at $199.99 but are now $149.99.  Both of these items also come with free shipping.

I have had my eye on the train table for a while now for my boys.  Both the train table and the deluxe doll house was $199.99 and is now $149.99.  With both of these deals, you will also get free shipping.

Here is a review of the Train Table:

Had absolutely no problems putting this together,anyone taking more than an hour is complaining just to be heard or is putting it together in the dark. My son loves it,seems sturdy enough for me and should last long enough for my youngest to play with when he is old enough. Love it

Here is a review for the Dollhouse:

This doll house is good quality however does take some time to build. It comes with a lot of furniture accessories and keeps my daughter entertained for hours. Make sure you have a lot of room because it takes up quite a bit of space!

I wanted to show you some price comparisons but couldn't find the exact train table or dollhouse. I did find a similar train table at Walmart Canada for $158 but it does not have the drawer to hold the train pieces and is not a brand name. I found the exact same doll house over at Amazon on sale for $169.98.  The price at Toys R Us is a good quality and good brand and is the best price that I cold find.  Both items are fairly big so if you are thinking about getting either of these items make sure you have the room.

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