Toys R Us Canada: Get a $40 Gift Card With Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL Purchase

Toys R Us Canada: Get a $40 Gift Card With Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL Purchase

Gaming on your cellphone not enough? Buy Nintendo's handheld system and get a $40 gift card from Toys R Us Canada.

And while you're at it:

The beauty of this sale is that the 3DS games are all around $40, so you can use your gift card to get a game. There are tons of great games available so you should be able to find something good for your money. As far as the consoles go, they range from $169.99 to $199.99 depending on if you get the original 3DS or the bigger 3DS XL. The 3DS might be a little easier for kids while the 3DS XL is parent sized.

While I do most of my portable gaming on my phone now, it's not because I don't like the portable consoles. It's more that I don't have the time to play any more video games. I already have a huge backlog of PC and PS3 games to play so adding more would just be a waste. But that being said there are a lot of people who have the opposite thing going on. They are tired of all the little puzzle games and short games on their phone and want something more. There is a whole new category of gamers out there now who might not want to get a PS3 or xBox because it'd be wasted on them. A handheld is a perfect step up for those looking to kick their gaming live in to gear.

Shipping is free (up to a $20 value) when you spend $100 or more (before taxes).

(Expiry: 5th June 2013)


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    My kids badly want a DS!