Toys R Us Canada: Free $5 Gift Cards For Kids With Report Cards

Toys R Us Canada: Free $5 Gift Cards For Kids With Report Cards


There will be a "report card cash-in event" happening at Toys R Us Canada from the 2nd to the 4th of July 2010!

The "report card cash-in event" involves your kid bringing in their recent school report card to their local Toys R Us Canada, and they will be rewarded with a free $5 gift voucher to spend in-store!

The online description doesn't give much of an explanation, but I am assuming that there is no minimum spend on their $5 gift voucher. But it's likely that your kid will want to spend more anyway, so you'll probably end up spending a bit of money.


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  • Kris
    This is a great idea, except the schools here don't give paper report cards anymore. They post all marks on a website. Seems silly to waste the paper and ink just for 5 bucks.
    • Avigayil
      Oh.. an eco-friendly school, I like that! Hm. Well, one could always try pulling up your kid's report card on your laptop screen, taking it into Toys-R-Us and showing it to them. It just says report card, it doesn't say paper report card. The online one is a valid report card afterall. :D
    • Ada
      Thanks for the post Anna. I got the gift card with my son's report card.