Toys R Us Canada: Barbie Fashionistas 6-Doll Set Only $50 ($30 Off)

Toys R Us Canada: Barbie Fashionistas 6-Doll Set Only $50 ($30 Off)


Toys R Us has a great deal on the Barbie Fashionista gift set. You'll get six dolls and pay only $49.98 instead of $79.99.

This set would make the perfect birthday gift for any Barbie lover. I was huge into Barbies as a kid, I don't think I played with much else and I would have let out my little girl scream a number of times over getting a set like this. You are saving $30 on the set, and considering individual dolls range from a minimum of $10 - $25, this set is a for sure deal.

Plus, you need to buy the set together because these girls are all friends! Wearing stylish clothing, you can mix and match the clothing on these dolls or your other dolls.

There is one review for this product that gives it five stars and quite a lengthy and detailed summary. I'm going to think that isn't a real reviewer, because it sounds pretty advertorial, but hey, you never know. Besides, these dolls are cute and what other kind of review do you need on a Barbie doll? "Three stars because my daughter prefers the blond Barbie" or "Unrealistic body image expectations".

Shipping is free on this Barbie set since it is over $25.

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