Toys R Us Canada: Avigo Antic Blue 20" Bike 50% Off

Toys R Us Canada: Avigo Antic Blue 20" Bike 50% Off

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One of the most popular spring gifts for birthdays and Easter would have to be a brand new bike.  Toys R Us Canada has a spectacular deal on one of their 20" bikes right now.  For a limited time only, save 50% on their 20"Avigo antic blue bike.

This Avigo kids bike was $149.99 and is now just $74.87.  The colour of it is geared towards boys but blue is pretty basic and I know I would have loved a blue bike as a child.  There was a girls version in a pink that was the same bike and it has already sold out.  That tells me this bike may sell out pretty quick as well at the price.

This bike is 20" tall and is made for the age range 8 years old to 14 years old although the manufacturers age range goes up to 16 years old.  It has a freestyle steel frame and front and rear hand brakes. It has full rotation hndlebars which are great for tricks and front pegs as well for this use.  I wouldn't consider this a "trick bike" but it can be used that way.

This awesome bike weighs just 15.9lbs so it is light enough for a child to pic up but strong enough to with hold the roughness kids tend to be with their bikes.

As for the cost of shipping, there is a deal on with this bike.  You will be able to save $10 on the shipping fee.

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