Toys R Us Canada: Avengers The Hulk For 50% Off

Toys R Us Canada: Avengers The Hulk For 50% Off

Toys R Us Canada has its lowest prices of the season sale on right now and one thing that really popped out to me was the Hulk light up mask and Hulk hands, both 50% off. Plus when you buy three action figures or playsets you get free shipping!

My kids absolutely love role play and we have a giant dress-up bin. My kids can be superheros, villains, doctors, handymen, police officers, firefighters, cowboys and so much more. At Christmas they were in total Avengers mode and I knew they would love some role play items so we got them masks for all of the avengers, plus some other items.

The most loved item by all three of my boys (from age 2 - 7) were the Hulk Hands. My 2-year-old even coined the phrase "pomp pomp" for when he was using them to pretend to hit. The Hulk Hands come out frequently and so does the mask. I wish there was a sale this good when I bought my stuff, but you can take advantage of it. The hulk hands are now only $14.87, regularly $29.99. Made out of soft foam rubber, these wearable fists don't hurt the wearer or its intended and they look great too. They even have elastic bands inside for the wearer to hold on to so they don't fly off, so kids young and old can wear them.

We got the regular mask, but the light-up mask is super cool. We went to a Halloween party where an adult was wearing it and it definitely added to the drama of Hulk. The eyes light up and it has adjustable straps so kids and adults fit. It is now only $14.87, regularly $29.99.

Since it is buy three and get free shipping, I thought I'd tell you about one other half priced deal that will get that free shipping, so you can save yourself $8. If you are into Star Wars this Darth Maul mask is also 50% off, now only $14.98, regularly $29.99. We actually have this mask and I don't know who loves it more, my husband or the kids. Just don't hide in a bush and scare little girls with it, because they really don't like that.

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