Toys R Us Canada: 50% Off Imaginarium Train Table - Works With Thomas & Brio Trains (Only $60)

Toys R Us Canada: 50% Off Imaginarium Train Table - Works With Thomas & Brio Trains (Only $60)


If your kids are Thomas the Train fans, you need to pay attention to this deal from Toys R Us.

If you've ever looked into the Thomas Train Tables, you've probably already clicked the link up there and bought this. This is an amazing deal. Why is it so amazing? Well, let's take a look at the math.

These are all rough numbers because the prices vary depending on what products you are getting. An official Thomas the Train Table is about $300. That's just the table. You might get storage bins with it, you might not. Then, you'll need to get tracks. You could probably get some standard tracks for $100, but they're kind of boring, so you'll likely end up spending $200 - $300 for a good set up with some bridges. If you want to get all decked out with buildings, landscapes, people and all that stuff, it's going to cost another few hundred dollars, let's say $150, if we're going on the low end. On top of that, there are the trains themselves. Wooden Thomas trains are between $15 and $20. You'll want a few, so let's add another $100 for that. All in all, you're looking at $500 or more (likely more) to get a fully decked out set.

Before I go on, I know someone out there is going to find a Thomas table for $100, forty feet of track for $50 and ten trains for $75, and totally screw up my cost analysis. These numbers are just rough numbers from the prices I've experienced. If you found a company in the Kingdom of Tonga that will sell it all to you for less, awesome, I'm happy for you.

The Imaginariun Train Table, which works with Thomas the Train and Brio trains, includes the table, tracks, buildings, bridges, people and trains, is only $59.97! Its regular price is $119.99. You save $60.02! The trains, of course, aren't Thomas branded, so you might want to get some of those too.

If your kids love Thomas, but you aren't ready to remortgage your house to buy them the train table, this is the way to go. Toys R Us estimates shipping at less than $20, but it could be more or less depending on where you are.

(Expires: 31st October 2013)


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  • Eva W.
    I have this table and it has held up to 3 rough boys for over 4 years! I did spend $200 on it :(
    • Krista W.
      I just got one for my boys for Christmas. I can't wait to see their faces when they come down Christmas morning!