Toys R Us Canada: 25% Off Licensed Ball Pits

Toys R Us Canada: 25% Off Licensed Ball Pits


There is just something about a ball pit that turns a child (or an adult) into a giggling, crazed monster. Kids love ball pits and they are the perfect addition to your playroom or backyard as you know they will get played with - often. Get 25% off all licensed ball pits over $49.99 at Toys R Us.

My kids have a ball pit that their Nana bought them years ago. I remember that Christmas when she brought it out and my son sat in the ball pit while the rest of us had a ball fight around the house. That was really fun. I've spent many hours sitting inside the ball pit with my kids as well. While my husband hated the ball pit because you'd find balls everywhere (why is there one in the toilet?), I secretly loved it and the kids didn't mind picking up the balls after a fun play in it. I just made it into a game of who can get the most of one colour back into the pit. I love the simplicity of a ball pit because really it is just a tent (and maybe some tunnels) and balls!

This Moose Mountain aquarium play centre ball pitwith 30 balls is nice, especially for the kids who don't like to be shut in. Was $59.99, now $44.97.

If your child likes characters like Thomas or Dora, these ball pits are only $59.97, was $79.99 and come with 25 balls and two sections for double the fun.

Toys R Us has a great deal on their shipping right now, where if you spend $25 instead of $99, you'll get free shipping. That works perfect with this sale.

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