Toronto Star Daily Subscription For $0.98 Per Week! (ON) (EXPIRED)

Toronto Star Daily Subscription For $0.98 Per Week! (ON) (EXPIRED)


This is a deal solely for the Ontarians, for a subscription to the Toronto Star newspaper. You can get the paper delivered every day, for only $0.98 per week (plus GST)! That’s pretty cheap!

If you read the small print, you will see that the offer is good for 5 months. After that time, you would be charged $6.89 per week, so make sure to remember to cancel your subscription within the 5 month period.


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  • Bethanne
    woah you messed that one up large, its 6.98 a WEEK after the 5 months not 6.98 a month!
    • June
      offer only good in the GTA disappointing
      • Merle G.
        How much for daily delivery in Collingwood, ON
        • mike
          BEWARE...they sell your phone numbers to telemarketers, be prepare to get frustrated with annoying phone calls
          • M
            signed up for the toronto star - lousy service -didn't receive what I signed up for....called in numerous time -delivery problem....occassionally did not receive paper -double charged my credit card....even after adjustments, it was not the deal I signed up for -poor customer apologies for their mistakes, rush hour service end my subcription, good luck to who's signing up...
          • merlin
            The Toronto Star has an extensive record of missing delivery ... chronic billing errors ... and a laissez faire response to any and all problems. After 3 months of extremely bad service, we cancelled.
            • G
              Just had a young girl at my door telling me about this deal and said that it would give her a point reward toward her university scholarship from the Toronto Star. She had no brochure and did not produce any evidence to back up her story. I did feel very guilty for not purchasing a subscription that I would not read often. I only have enough time to read maybe the Saturday paper and I live in Hamilton. P.S. she did forget to mention about the 5 month period. LOL
              • D'Arcy
                It's very annoying not to be able to find out the cost of a subscription.
                • frank
                  i have two friends that are each paying right now 4.33 a month. I wonder how some people get to pay these prices.
                  • Duff S.
                    I would like to take you up on your offer of ,98 per week for 5 months. You then tell me it has expired. Then you should either remove the offer from "Bargin Moose" or offer it to me. I will accept your promotion as shown. "