Titan Deep Freeze 16-Can Cooler for $29.99 Shipped

Titan Deep Freeze 16-Can Cooler for $29.99 Shipped

Okay, this is one heck of a cool cooler, and it's available at a great price right now at Costco.

Get the Titan Deep Freeze 16-can Zipperless Cooler while you can for just $29.99 shipped! That's about half the price that we've seen it at other stores - when we can even find it in stock.

So, what makes this cooler so awesome?

A number of features, but to start, it can actually keep ice for up to 2 days. How amazing is that?!

And of course that's not all.

This cooler has a flip-open, zipperless lid for quick and easy access to your food and drinks as well as an insulated front pocket. There is a removable HardBody liner and a SmartBin which allows you to keep harder items like drinks separate from softer items so things like sandwiches and other soft foods don’t get crushed.

The SmartBin is removable to provide 1 large compartment if needed.

You'll use this cooler all summer long, so be sure to order it before they're sold out.


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  • KevinandJeannette M.

    16 cans aren't enough!

    • JOand D.